Kiirocoin and NeuralLead together to develop no-code artificial intelligence


In the evolutionary continuum of scientific research, the artificial intelligence sector certainly occupies one of the first places in terms of importance and speed of continuous updates. Collaboration and synergistic sharing, in short the union of multiple forces in the field, can make the difference.

Kiirocoin and NeuralLead understood this immediately. together they have created a high-performance synergistic union for the progress and development of code-free artificial intelligence. It can be said with certainty that the work of this new group will revolutionize today’s vision of artificial intelligence, and the understanding even for “non-experts” for easier and more understandable access to the potential of AI.

Kiirocoin can be considered a pioneer in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, making headlines for its reputation, its ethics and its recognized expertise in the digital financial market.

By conceptualizing and implementing a form of grassroots democracy to make the benefits of cryptocurrencies understandable to all, Kiirocoin has been and is at the forefront of creating accessible and easy-to-use financial solutions. An ethical code that the world of artificial intelligence also needs.

NeuralLead: Revolutionizing no-code AI development

NeuralLead, on the other hand, is a founding pioneer in multiple neural network artificial intelligence. Neurallead’s “mission” since its inception has always been the search for methodologies suitable for use accessible to all and easy to learn.

Neurallead’s potential, products and research methods have thus obtained wide recognition throughout the entire digital and scientific community, making it an indispensable point of reference in the world of artificial intelligence.

The revolution without code

The concept of “no-code” development has gained traction in recent years, for an irrefutable reason. The classic development of artificial intelligence involved a profound competence in programming languages.

Neurallead created the first no-code AI platform, thereby disrupting a paradigm and allowing users to create AI models using a visual interface, editing tools and pre-built AI components.

The Kiirocoin-NeuralLead partnership

The meeting between Kiirocoin and NeuralLead is just a giant step forward in the evolution of research, with two complementary forces united by the same objectives, for which each goal is just a stage.

Kiirocoin and Neurallead will make the development of artificial intelligence accessible to a wide audience, including natural and legal persons lacking sufficient computer knowledge.

Key objectives of the partnership

Ethics: The diffusion of Kiirocoin-Neurallead products will be accompanied by the precepts and rules that have made the two companies leaders in their respective fields, without which the experience of using these products would not be the same.

Clarity: The cornerstone of Kiirocoin and Neurallead is the explanatory and practical simplification of everything that is necessary for the use of their products

Accessibility: the free spread of access and development of artificial intelligence.

Security: The joint venture will focus on improving the security of AI models by leveraging the inherent characteristics of blockchain.

Integrability: Kiirocoin’s Blockchain technology will be present in NeuralLead’s platform, allowing users to create AI applications with blockchain functionality conveniently.

Scalability: Users will have the ability to scale their AI projects effortlessly, for building chatbots, recommendation systems and predictive analytics models.

Communities: Dialogue, discussion and sharing are the fundamental elements for the best possible understanding. Kiirocoin and Neurallead will create discussion groups for all enthusiasts and beginners of the topics covered

The inevitable impact on the community

Every discovery, every revolution in any field of human knowledge, always arouses an initial distrust, sometimes even an obtuse skepticism which inevitably creates controversies. The implications that the Kiirocoin-Neurallead partnership will introduce are very far-reaching, and this is why one of the points mentioned above concerns clarity of presentation and facilitated use. The transparency of this new mission will have no secrets, but only positive surprises, both for the world of blockchains and for the development of AI. All this will open the doors to creative experimentation and innovation in various fields to all social classes and clerical and professional roles


The start of the collaboration between two highly prestigious companies such as Neurallead and Kiirocoin represents a sure step forward in the research and diffusion of innovative and revolutionary technologies; This will break down the barriers of inaccessibility to the cryptocurrency market and AI, reshaping such fields and ushering in a new era of democratization in such fields, and it will certainly be exciting to witness the transformative impact of this joint venture on both businesses and individuals. It will be exciting to be the first.


The platform will enable users to earn Kiiros by sharing their CPUs and GPUs with developers, essentially creating a marketplace for power-sharing. We will use as gateway kiirocoin.


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